Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Summarizing the Misdirection

Paul Sullivan with a nice job showing why the Cubs are not to be trusted. The key graph:

It all goes back to spring training in 2004, when Prior was flown to Chicago to have his elbow examined. Up to that point, the only announced problem Prior and the Cubs revealed was Achilles' tendinitis in his right foot. He denied having any elbow pain a day before he left camp. When the story broke that Prior's elbow had been examined, the Cubs and Prior were forced to reveal the injury. Prior later said he regretted not being more forthcoming about his elbow, but it was too late.

When Todd Hollandsworth fouled a ball off his leg later that summer, the Cubs repeatedly said he was a "couple of weeks" away from returning. He never came back that season.

If some fans want to choose to believe the Cubs administration that Mark Prior is healthy, they also would believe the administration if they were shown the Cardiff Giant, offered Enron stock, and asked to back Doyle Lonnegan's half a million dollar bet on Lucky Dan to win.

Credibility should be earned, not granted. It's about time Cub fans stood for something other than beer, sun, lemming-like ticket buying, and losing.

Integrity would be a nice start.

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