Wednesday, April 12, 2006

As The Cubbies Turn

Comcast's On Demand feature has the first four episodes of this old show available to watch for free. It's amazing how funny that show was back in 1977. And how boring it is now.

But the end of the show each week had a Cub feel about it.

Will Derrek Lee's new contract bother Dusty Baker?

Will Jacque Jones hamstring cause him to go on the DL?

Will that lead to the debut of Felix Pie?

If that happens, will Jacque Jones keep Wally Pipp company?

Will Glendon Rusch have to buy insurance for the windows on Waveland?

Will Mark Prior's arm be Just Ducky?

Confused? You still will be after this episode of "Cubs."

Tune in at 1:20 PM today!

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