Monday, October 16, 2006

About This Night...

Someone call Blair Thomas!When you see the replay of tonight's unbelievable Bear win over the Cardinals, watch Devin Hester's punt return. And watch for #94 to throw not one, but two key blocks.

Sure, Hester deserves at ton of the credit. And Brian Urlacher, who has not always lived up to his reputation, played at Hall of Fame level tonight while stealing a ball from Edgerrin James and a page in Bear history from Steve McMichael.

But those of you who know how to watch blocking, will appreciate what #94 did tonight. In your scorecard, #94 is Brendon Ayanbadejo.

Now, this page would have slightly more love for Brendon if he spelled his name with an "A". But, tonight, this page saw what you did.

And you almost single handedly won the game for the Bears.

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