Saturday, April 14, 2007

About Damn Time

This page has held the attitude of Cub fans that losing is acceptable so long as fun is still had at the ballpark as contemptible. Finally, this team has a manager that agrees (2:30 or so in):

Already chafing about his pitching during Friday's 6-5 loss, Piniella lost his patience briefly when asked what's not working after an 0-3 start at Wrigley Field.

"What the hell do you think isn't working?" he roared, his eyes flashing. "You see the damn game."

Skeptics would say, "Welcome to Wrigley, Lou."

But Piniella isn't about to accept what has happened here before.

Finally,probably the first person here since Dallas Green who won't allow crap to happen under his watch.

For those of you saying, "It's Still Early..." Lou just responded with a big middle finger to that. You can tell a lot about a team after 10 games. Lou had seen enough after 9.

Let's hope this attitude rubs off on the players, the organization, and the fans who settle for anything less than exceptional on-field performance.

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