Friday, April 13, 2007

Time Lapse

Buried in Teddy Greenstein's column today was this tidbit:

WGN-AM 720 has instituted a 6.4-second profanity delay for its Cubs broadcasts. So if you want to listen to the game while at Wrigley Field or prefer the radio team of Pat Hughes and Ron Santo while watching at home, you're out of luck. A WGN spokesman said not instituting the profanity delay would have posed a liability risk.

So, the fear of having the field mikes pickup the sounds of some fans yelling, "BULLSHIT!!! BULLSHIT!!! BULLSHIT!!!" after a terrible call by Angel Hernandez, and the fine that could result because of the overly starched morality police at the current FCC, fans will get the shaft.

If you sit in Wrigley in the bleachers or 100 level seats and you bring a radio to find out details about a close play, sorry. You have to wait to hear what happened because Kevin J. Martin (Chairman), Michael J. Copps, Jonathan S. Adelstein, Deborah Taylor Tate, and Robert M. McDowell are worried about your ears.

Fascinating that our government has overreacted to Janet Jackson's boob by turning into a bunch of boobs themselves.

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