Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dessert Time

There is some concern that, if Felix Pie does come to Wrigley Field today or tomorrow, he's being rushed to the majors. That being rushed to the majors killed Corey Patterson and we don't want to see that with Felix.


Let's look at the numbers. Korey had 1,004 plate appearances in the minors before make his major league debut (at age 21) and 1,401 before joining the Cubs full time. In that time, his numbers worsened as he was promoted.
1999 – Lansing OPS:   .950
2000 – West Tenn OPS: .829
2001 – Iowa OPS: .695

What you see with Korey, is that he wasn’t ready to be promoted because he wasn’t very good at the level Jim Hendry assigned him.

Now, let’s look at Felix:
2002 – Arizona Cubs OPS: .954
2003 – Lansing OPS: .734
2004 – Daytona OPS: .812
2005 – West Tenn OPS: .903
2006 – Iowa OPS: .792

Felix did not show the kind of drop off Corey did. Additionally, Felix has had 2,131 plate appearances prior to the start of 2007. He has over twice as much experience as Korey.

Bring him up and relax. Felix Pie is not Korey. Pie may never be an All-Star, but he's a far better player now than Korey was. And Pie is also 21 years of age.

If Alfonso Soriano has to go on the DL, it's fine to let Pie make his debit. In the immortal words of William Devane, "Let him play!"

Pie has been served.

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