Saturday, April 21, 2007

David Haugh, Who Are You....

Have you heard? David Haugh comments on Brian Urlacher's fine of $100,000 by the NFL for wearing the hat and carrying the bottle of ############. What brand you ask? No idea because Haugh won't tell us. See, Haugh correctly recognizes what Urlacher and his sponsor did as a shot at massive free publicity:

(R)epresentatives from the company said they expected Urlacher to pay it, an excessive amount for a minuscule offense but easily worth every penny for the exposure it generated for his product.

The unprecedented nature of the punishment and Urlacher's status as a premier NFL pitchman guaranteed national media attention and widespread mention of the drink's brand in most media outlets.

But, sorry, not this one.

Haugh gets up on his high perch just dripping with moral authority for not falling for the stunt.

The problem is, Haugh fell from that perch five paragraphs earlier.

(A) Bears public relations spokesman approached Urlacher and quietly reminded him of the NFL's policy against wearing gear that advertises any product except designated league sponsors at league events. Gatorade pays the NFL about $45 million per year to be its exclusive drink of choice.

So, Haugh won't mention vitaminwater (oops! I'm a sucker I guess) but does mention Gatorade.


And Haugh gets in a Reebok mention, too, right near the end of the article.

David Haugh. Moral. Ethical. Principled.

Full of crap.

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