Monday, April 16, 2007

It's Time To Change

With four freebies to section 429 today, I took the Little Murton boys back to Wrigley. The outcome was the same as the last time they attended.

In the 6th, I announced, "Here comes the human rally killer!" as Jacque Jones approached the plate. Sure enough, Jones swung morosely at three pitches. Derrek Lee followed by taking strike three on a pitch outside, but that had been called for a strike all day. For both the Cubs and the Reds. Michael Barrett closed out the opportunity, and the game essentially, with a lazy fly ball to right (aside: Barrett is nicely filling the vacancy for most unsound Cub since Korey Patterson departed).

After the game, Lou sounded the alarm bell once again.

"We'll make some changes if we have to. Put some different people in there and let them play." - Cubs Manager Lou Piniella

Jacque Jones' new uniformSounds like someone is going to be auditioning for the Brady Six.

It seems pretty clear that Lou has figured out that Jacque doesn't belong anywhere near the top of the order. He should never bat north of 7th and, ideally, bat for Tampa or Kansas City. Is he the coming change? One can only hope. Who woudl replace him?

Well, with Felix Pie batting .438 with an OPS of 1.110, three multi-hit games, an 8 game hitting streak by the boards and hits in 9 of his first 10 games, and 9 walks to four strikeouts, Pie certainly looks to be ready.

Get him up here. Go with this lineup:

2B - Ryan "Hi Ho" Theriot
LF - Alfonso Soriano
1B - Derrek Lee
3B - Aramis Ramirez
C - Michael Barrett
RF - Mark DeRosa
CF - Felix Pie
SS - Ceasar Izturis

The biggest problem with this lineup is DeRosa in right. Well, Jim Hendry really planned well.

Make the change, Lou. It is time to panic. It's only been 98 years and the team isn't getting any better.

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