Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pie Dog Pondering

It was pretty obvious why Alfonso Soriano hit with two outs and did not pinch hit for Ronny Cedeno. Lou Piniella did not want Soriano running the bases. Soriano was up there to hit the ball into the wind and tie the game.

As to why Soriano can't run today, but can run tomorrow, that's also pretty obvious. There is some level of healing which happens every day and the Cubs brain trust thinks Soriano needs that modicum of healing. Try following the bass ackward logic of those questioning the move in reverse. If Soriano is good tomorrow, then he was good enough today. And if he was good today, the he was good enough yesterday, too. Follow that back and you discover that Soriano was never hurt enough to miss any time at all!

With Soriano set to return tomorrow, the question of the roster all turns on Felix Pie. Lou seems to be ready to let the kid play in center and learn on the job. That's a good think because, this team cannot win this year with two of Matt Murton, Cliff Floyd and Jacque Jones starting every day. While they MAY not win with Pie in center, if they do win, it will be with Pie getting 400+ ABs. Start that process now.

The real mind twister is the desire to go back to twelve pitchers. That's a waste of time. So, Will Ohman is the garbage time pitcher? How often do you need that guy? Every fifth day when Miller pitches would be the guess.

The feeling here is that Matt Murton gets sent down, a take is found for Jacque Jones, or Daryle Ward relaxes in Kerry Woo'd hot tub.

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