Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Lou Effect

Over at Desipio, Andy Dolan did a player-by-player and a coach-by-coach run down of the current Cubs (what happened to Alan Trammel?). One of the things Andy was dead on about was what has happened to Aramis Ramirez.

Some people have suggested that the new, always hustling, playing smart Ramirez is a sign that A-Ram's bad hamstrings were really bad last year. That's doubtful. Under Dusty Baker, a guy with hammys as bad as all that would have asked for, and received, a few weeks off.

No, clearly Lou and his "take no shit" attitude had an effect on A-Ram. And it's all been for the good.

That's been one of the refreshing things about watching the Cubs this year. There's finally a guy in the dugout who isn't willing to just enjoy a day in the sunshine and shrug off a loss as a "tough day, dude."

Cub players were put on notice. The country club is closed. You are here to work. A-Ram has clearly gotten the message. On the flip side, Scott "we don't have to run" Eyre is clearly upset.

Now, it's up to the fans to get the message, too. Management is no longer satisfied with poor performance or results. Neither should any fan of this team settle.

This team may mot win anything this year, but Lou's attitude keeps you watching. And it's kept the dead parrot away in the second week of May for the first time since 2004.

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