Thursday, May 10, 2007

Right And Wrong

Let's see if this makes sense. The Cubs' brain trust has finally realized that Jacque Jones cannot be relied upon as a major league player anymore. Yesterday, they demoted him to eighth in the lineup. Today, after an extraordinarily brutal night at the plate, Jones was benched for a rookie center fielder.

"Great!" you say. Felix Pie is finally going to get his shot. That's what you'd think. See, if you are going to bat Jones eighth, you might as well bat Pie eighth. The drop off in offense is minimal. You still have a lefty in the lineup. And you upgrade dramatically defensively.

Well, it's not Pie getting the shot:

The Cubs Thursday recalled switch-hitting outfielder Angel Pagan from Triple-A Iowa, and sent outfielder Felix Pie to Iowa.

This makes less than no sense.

Play the kid, guys. Yes, his plate discipline has shown a lot to be desired. But so did Jacque's. And, perhaps, with the certainty of not being benched, Pie would grow comfortable and loosen up.

Just another stupid decision by the Chicago Cubs.

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