Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunk Costs

Once this page was been accused of knowing nothing about baseball due to a preference to see Felix Pie permanently in the Cub lineup and Jacque Jones permanently removed, Jacque has only served to buttress that concept.

Jones snapped an 0-16 slump to show how wrong this page is about Jones being lousy. Let's ignore the error he had as part of a 6 run inning to blow a game. Let's ignore getting tagged out at home and the strikeout he had to close the game.

In fact, let's ignore all the bad ball play in Jacque's 181 game history as a Cub and focus on those few good things Jacque as really done. When you think of one, let us know. OK, I'll give him the homer to sweep the Cardinals last April. That was great considering how that messed up the Cardinals' 2006 and propelled the Cubs to tremendous heights.

Jacque is under contract with the Cubs until the end of the 2008 season. Ivy Chat will be sad to see him go. In fact, we's started the Jacque Jones Remaining Salary Countdown so that we know exactly how much money is owed to Jacque before the Cubs are forced to say "Good Bye" to him. Remember, this is guaranteed money (thank God!), so Jacque banks this cash if he plays or not. Hell, he could be released and sit at his home in San Diego and still get the money.

And we fans would be forced to be bored by the likes of Pie.

Just over $8,000,000 to go. How sad it will be when this gets to zero.

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