Friday, June 01, 2007

After 99 Years, It's Still New

''Hoo joo calling stoopid, stoopid''-Michael BarrettThis page's disdain for Michael Barrett is not new. Today, Carlos Zambrano chimed in. His chime was one of agreement.

After watching Michael Barrett have a passed ball and a throwing error on the same play, Zambrano had seen enough. As soon as the inning was over (after Z's composure and focus led to two more runs), Z and Barrett approached each other in the dugout. Z motioned to Barrett to use your head. That's like a tree of cicadas telling some kids to keep the noise level down.

Clearly, Barrett's time with this team is near an end. He has played so awful that even the "Everything Is Cub-Wonderful Blog" has noticed. The Cubs had announced earlier this week that Henry Blanco was going to get more playing time. Barrett is a free agent at the end of the year. The only question is, when does that tenure end.

The bet here is that Barrett is gone before the All Star Break.

And that, to be very, very, clear, will be a very good thing.

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