Sunday, June 24, 2007

Turf Chat

If you thought that improving the team was something in the cards for the 2007 Cubs, think again. While the sale of the team will be a net positive for fans in future years, the delay in the sale is a huge negative for this year. The stories are all over on how the team will not be able to add players that increase payroll in future years. Now comes this story:

The Cubs are looking to tear up the playing field at Wrigley Field and start all over again, team sources said, but the project has been put on hold until the team is sold. The Sox have already granted groundskeeper Roger Bossard permission to oversee the project, if it ever gets off the ground. ... Wrigley is considered one of the worst playing fields in the majors, as evidenced by the number of bad-hop ground balls on the infield. If the project gets the green light in '08, the Cubs would likely have to lower the field by at least a foot to ensure an even surface all the way around.

So, the Trib was so concerned with a winner that, in 20 years, they never considered fixing a sub-par surface. Instead, having corporate outings and filming movies like "A League of Their Own" and "Rookie Of The Year" were allowed to be held on the field.

In case anyone is unclear, these events only made the field worse.

On the more interesting side, would lowering the field a foot change things? Probably not. One supposes guys like Kyle Farnsworth who would trip over the new steps in their stupor.

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