Saturday, July 07, 2007

Getting Interesting

It's been forever since the blog was active. Actually, there is a good reason for the darkness, but that will be coming news in a few days. While this writer has been busy learning markup languages, the Cubs have actually gotten smoking hot. And how they've done so has been rather shocking.

Despite subtracting from their offense via the deletion of Michael Barrett, the offense has improved. Over the last fifteen games, median runs scored is 5. That's up a full run from their season median of 4.

The pitching has also been spectacular. Median runs allowed is a obscene 2. This means that, in 53% of the Cubs last 15 games, the opponent has scored two or fewer runs. Hard to lose when a team is doing that.

Piniella to the clubhouse, Hendry to the doghouse!All this has translated into a team that is over .500 and is actually challenging a Brewer team that is young, but extremely talented. How did a team that was left for dead in May recover in six weeks? Simple.

Lou Piniella said to Jim Hendry, "You're fired."

Remember that closed door meeting with Lou, Jim, and John McDonough? It certainly seems like Lou said, "Get rid of these guys or I'll start blabbing to the press that you guys are morons. See, I've got a three year contract compared to your two (Hendry) and your 'interim' thingy."

So, out goes Barrett. Jacque Jones couldn't be less popular than an sun lamp in Palm Springs. Cesar Izturis and his gold glove were transmuted into lead. Scott Eyre was given a mop needing the Scooter Libby treatment to get off the bench.

Lou has said that crappy play will not be allowed. If a guy can't play, he'll try someone else until he finds a guy who can.

Bravo. Instead of the Dusty Baker, "I need my horses" crap, we get the desire for change. We get rid of, "keep the faith" and get "baseball by scientific method."

There are still a lot of reasons why this team will likely not win any sort of post season birth, and we'll explore those over the All Star Break. But, for right now, this team is worth watching again. In July. For the first time since 2004.

That's something to be pleased about.

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