Sunday, July 15, 2007

Never Turn Down a Free Pair

The bleachers at Wrigley lived up to their name today. Other than an evening in the Batters' Eye Suite last June and Game 2 of the 2003 NLCS, it had probably been a good 15 years since I'd made a visit to to that area of the park. So, when the Brother-In-Law called and asked if I and Murton's Eldest would like to attend today's game, who was I to say no?

What we saw, close up from our seats in upper center, was this:

Don't Stand So Close To Me... because you'll break your leg if you step in one of these divots. That is the damage to center field caused by the Police concerts of last week. Damn good thing that a playable field to protect the multi-million dollar investments in human capital is so important to the idiots who run the Cubs. Let us all hope that the future owner, whoever that may be, isn't so hard up for cash that they risk the legs of a Felix Pie or a Jacque Jones for a few extra bucks.

Well, maybe Jacque, but no one who really matters!

When it became apparent that Jason Marquis brought a knife to today's gunfight, it seemed that the game would be over early. Especially with Alfonso Soriano certain to go oh fer batting fifth and not leadoff. But this team is in the middle of an outstanding stretch of baseball playing. You just knew Derrek Lee was going to get out of his non-homer funk today.

And, you knew that these were the Astros.

Yes, today was a fun day to be at the old ball park. And, given the good will throughout, we even ventured over to the left field corner and introduced ourselves to Al Yellon. Even Al noticed the Murtonian resemblances in the Seven Year Old.

This division is still going to come down to the GM who does the most to improve his team. And Bob Melvin up in Milwaukee sure seems to have more bullets in his gun - bullets like tradable talent and dollars available.

But Jim Hendry has pulled off some deals in the past. Usually one too few, but he has made some deals. As he's going to be out of a job in less than three months, maybe he'll actually go for broke this time.

With 15 days until baseball Christmas Hanukkah, maybe there will be something that Santa Jim will deliver. Until then, at least this team is watchable again. For the first time in 3 seasons.

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