Tuesday, August 07, 2007


While the parrot isn't back yet, it certainly is warming up. This club is lifeless right now. Derrek Lee has done little for weeks. Aramis Ramirez is hurt worse than this team is letting on (Wow! The Cubs obfuscating about injuries? That's fresh!). Cliff Floyd has the power stroke of Mick Kelleher. And the player that fills what they need most, Felix Pie, the Cubs aren't interested in having on their team.

But there is one player who is costing this team tremendously. And it's up to Lou Piniella to spread this sack of crap on a pile of mushrooms in some dark basement.

Tonight, in the first inning, the Cubs loaded the bases with no one out. Woody Williams had nothing. After three walks and a Mark DeRosa bad at bat, up came Jacque Jones. Jacqueshit, as this site is fond of calling him, did something that even The Seven Year Old knows not to do.

You never, never, never swing at the first pitch with the bases loaded. Especially with a pitcher having control problems.

So what does Jacqueshit do? Pops weakly to short. Jason Kendall ended the inning with a soft liner to right. Bases loaded, no outs, 1 in and the Cubs get no more runs until the 8th. The 8th! Game over with Jacque's at bat.

Lou benched Jones at one point earlier this year for Pie. So, why isn't Pie here now? The rumor seems to be that Pie likes to "stay out too late" at night. So, because a 22 year old kid can't seem to stay away from clubs, this team suffers thought the offensive and defensive nightmare that is Jacque.

This page has been in Lou's corner for a long time. We praised "baseball by scientific method" as practiced by Lou. It's time to re-bury Jones and get Pie up here. Whatever Lou needs to do to make Pie understand what he needs to do to stay in good favor, Lou needs to do. That's Lou's job. If it's not Pie, then find someone else.

But, if Lou plays Jacqueshit any more, then Lou bashing is appropriate.

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