Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Writer's Block

The lack of writing about this team is only due to one reason: There’s really not much to say. What ails this team is obvious and that is big play from their best players. This team really hasn’t missed Alfonso Soriano and his out-of-proper-place position in the batting order. Carlos, Derrek and A Ram are what's killing this team right now.

For Aramis Ramirez, it’s really not his fault that he hasn’t done much the last month. It’s clear that his injuries are far worse than anyone ever let on. A healthy A Ram is so key to the 2007 Cubs that should he miss more than about 5 of the final 44 games, the Cubs season is shot.

Derrek Lee de-funked for a night with an opposite field homer and a dribbler to the right side RBI. Btu, he’s been so bad for so long that he’s going to need to sting the ball for two or three games in a row to prove he’s reliable.

Carlos Zambrano’s salary drive looks like the current market for jumbo mortgages. If there’s one thing that has become clear about Carlos over his career is that he, too, is unreliable. He’s a very talented pitcher and can be the best in the game when his head is on straight. But Carlos’ neck bolts are smothered in graphite. Should the Cubs survive and make the playoffs, Carlos will be the most feared weapon that any NL team would have. The only question is: Who is in greater danger from Carlos: The opponent or the Cubs?

The only real plus is that this week should be a make or break kind of week. With Milwaukee playing the Cardinals now and the Cardinals coming to Wrigley for an extended weekend series, it’s likely something will be decided by Monday. There will be something blue flying atop the scoreboard Monday afternoon. The only question is if it’s a pennant or a parrot.

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