Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Bile Also Rises

The distaste for Alfonso Soriano continues to reach new levels. The latest source of ire is the insipid little hop this guy does when he makes a catch in the field.

Beyond the fact that this is showboating by a guy without the defensive resume to back up such, it's pretty stupid showboating.

Just Sunday, Soriano made a leap and nearly played an out into a triple by leaping too soon.

Tonight, it certainly appeared Soriano did the same thing on Jeremy Hermida's double in the seventh. He clearly misplayed the ball and should have had an out. But it also looked like he made a leap when no leap was needed. The replay didn't show a good angle.

If that's what happened, this guy need to sit a game. His offense isn't good enough to offset giving the other team free runs.

Given his play the last two days, the team wouldn't miss him.

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