Monday, September 24, 2007

A Good Sunday

When someone asks on a Thursday afternoon and asks if you want three tickets to section 429 for the last home game of the year, for free, you say "Yes!"

Winston Zedmore aside, that was a crowd that we ready for some fun. The clear highlight was when the portion of the crowd that was WAP enabled discovered that the Brewers had blown a three run lead, tiny pockets of cheering erupted from the crowd.

And when the white "4" was inserted into the Wrigley Field scoreboard in the Atlanta section of the 7th inning, 40,000 fans started Tomahawk Chopping. This delighted The Seven Year Old and caught The Wife by complete surprise. As she grew up a Yankees "follower" (fan is too strong) and had high ties to the Los Angeles California of Anaheim Near Disney Land Across From The Pond Not Far From John Wayne Airport Angels, she was rather unfamiliar with The Chop.

About the only disappointment was the refusal of the Cubs to come back on the field and thank the 3.25 million fans who attended this season. While I certainly understand Lou's reluctance to pre-celebrate and his almost certain unfamiliarity with the events of 1984 and 1989, the fans were clearly waiting for them.

I guess we need to wait until October 6th.

While there's no team in the NL that appears dominant, the team you least want to play in a five game series is the Jake Peavy's. The Brandon Webb's would not be fun to face twice in five games, they are less threatening on offense.

The Mets seem ripe for picking.

What's certain is that no one wants to play the Cubs. Certainly, they will be expected to lose to whoever opposes them given the way they played this year. But, with Carlos Zambrano capable of outpitching even Peavy, with Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez and even Alfonso Soriano now appearing locked in, they are also the team most capable of blowing out the Mets, Diamondbacks, and Padres.

Gonna be an interesting week. And be ready to party Thursday or Friday.

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