Monday, September 10, 2007

Is It Over?

If this story is true, then what should have been a fabulous career may be over.

The view on this page is that Mike Brown was the best player on the Chicago Bears defense. Tommy Harris would be the only player that we would agree might be better. And, had these two players not missed the 2007 NFL post season, Peyton Manning would be a ringless Master Card pitchman.

If Mike's career is over, he will leave with a highlight film roll that many Hall of Fame players would envy. As a fan of smart football and the Chicago Bears, it's impossible not to hope Brown is only acting emotionally and is not as good a doctor as he is a safety.

But, if it is over, he will be missed greatly.

Midway Chat - 2007 Edition

Just how good is this Bear defense? Well, it gets worse without Brownie (he was doing a heckuva job), but it certainly seems to be on par with last year's edition. It also begs the question, "How bad is this Bear offense?" Well, it looks to be on par with Glenbrook North. Strike that as GBN upset the 3rd ranked team in the state, Maine South, 13-10 on Friday.

Jerry Angelo has done a very good job as GM of the Bears and his hiring, along with Mike McCaskey's firing, is the primary reason the Bears are now a respectable football organization. The 2007 edition of the team rides on two high draft picks that Jerry used. Those two are Rex Grossman and Cedric Benson.

Jerry knows that, despite the Tommie Harris' and Lance Briggs' that he's brought the team, his legacy here is going to be decided on the starting backfield. After watching Rex and Ced perform yesterday, the legacy doesn't look to be a good one.

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