Friday, September 21, 2007

Picking the Venue

The National League Central crown will be awarded next week, no sooner than September 26th. The only remaining question is, "Where will the champagne be served?" There are three possibilities. One location is Miller Park in Milwaukee. Let's just say that, should th locker rooms there be covered in plastic, there will be much nashing of teeth in Chicago, and many toothless grins in Milwaukee.

The other two locations possible are Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Florida or The Great American Ball Park in Cincinatti, Ohio. The most likely scenario for the Cubs is in Cincinatti, but Florida is a definate possibility.

With the Cubs now +1 on the Brewers in the "only thing that matters" loss column, this weekend's slate of games will probably decide everything. The Brewers have the task of beating Tim Hudson tonight, John Smoltz tomorrow and winning Sunday likely without the services of Ben Sheets. Three is not out of the question.

The Cubs get two of Pittsburgh's also rans and Tom Gorzelanny. Two wins is mandatory and three is not out of the question.

Expect the Cubs to leave Chicago on Sunday with a magic number of 5 with 6 games to play. That means a celebration most likely to occur in Cinci next Friday or Saturday.

Just Yom Kippuring

Barry Rozner was on WGN last night musing with Dave Kaplan about Alfonso Soriano. "There's not a proper position for him on the field and there's not a proper place to bat him in the order, but he produces," said Rozner. That's not exactly true. The proper place for him in the order is 2nd or 5th and the proper postion for a guy with good wheels and a lazer arm is right field. Of all the negatives on this guy, the one thing he's is outstanding at is throwing to the plate. Only Andre Dawson did it better in a Cub uniform. And he wasn't wasting that in left field.

Too bad A Sor's mental limitations are such that placing him where he'd be most effective eliminates his productivity.

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