Sunday, September 16, 2007


He's not even eight and he makes up better names than Jeff Joniak!After Devin Hester's second long return of the day, this one to the Chief 19 yard line, I said to the gathered in the room, "He's just devastating."

The Seven Year Old got this excited look on his face. "The Devastator!"

This page tends to dwell on the negative for numerous reasons, but Devin Hester is not one of those. He is excitement incarnate. He is Christmas Morning. The first night of Hanukkah. Advance to Boardwalk. Your teacher canceling a test. A winning lottery ticket. Mark Prior in 2003.

The hurdle he made on a defender on the touchdown run was great. It's even more amazing he even attempted the hurdle when you realize he made it to avoid the grasp of someone behind. Behind him in a position that was likely out of Hester's field of vision due to his helmet.

Do not take your eyes off the screen when the latest great Chicago athlete to wear #23 is on it. You are likely to miss something special.

And spread the nickname around. Unless someone thinks of something better, it beats the hell out of the name Jeff Joniak has tried to pin on him.

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