Monday, September 17, 2007


In the background, as usual.Why did the Cubs win tonight? Simple. Because Ryan Theriot understands the game of baseball.

His ninth inning at bat was a thing of beauty.

Pitch 1 - Ball
Pitch 2 - Ball
Pitch 3 - Strike (looking)
Pitch 4 - Ball
Pitch 5 - Strike (looking)
Pitch 6 - Foul
Pitch 7 - Foul
Pitch 8 - Ball

That's how to work a count. That's how to get on base. Theriot refused to make a mistake. He forced David Weathers to throw strikes and did Weathers no favors by swinging until he had to.

This page has been accused, often correctly, of not focusing on the positive. Well, with these Cubs, there's plenty of negative to dwell on. In doing so, this page has often failed to acknowledge that which is right and good on the Cubs.

Ryan "Hi Ho" Theriot is one of the things that is very, very, right about this team. This is a guy who was buried in the minors by the Cubs front office.

Well, he kept the team in first place tonight.

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