Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hot Labor Day

While this writer was sweating away in 114 degree heat in LA, Carlos Zambrano was melting down under the heat of Cub fans in Chicago. First, Carlos let a Derrek Lee error rob him of all concentration. He followed that mistake with three walks and four runs, two of which came off a hit by a pitcher who had spent the bulk of his career in the American League. Oh, did we forget the barreling through a stop sign at third to get thrown out at the plate?

Then, after having stunk as a pitcher for the last month, Carlos heard boos. What was Carlos' conclusion from hearing that? Try harder? No. Understand the criticism? No. Call us all assholes?


Get your head in the game!  Me?  I mean you, not me!
"I don't accept that the fans were booing at me," a seething Zambrano said afterward. "I can't understand that. You know, I thought these were the greatest fans in baseball. But they showed me today that they just care about them, and that's not fair, because when you're struggling, you want to feel the support of the fans.

What a dumbass. They booed you because you played, and have been playing, like an idiot!

It's just too bad that there wasn't a time in recent history that Carlos called someone an idiot who deserved it. Gee, if only there were picture or videos of such an incident to show Carlos what the fans were feeling when the booed his sorry ass off the field?

Anyone have any idea of an incident what could be used to show Carlos?



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