Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Told You He Was Interim

So, the tag on his title was accurate. Chicago Cubs Interim-President-for-13-Months John McDonough is leaving the Cubs to run the Chicago Black Hawks. This is an excellent move on so many levels for both franchises, and John himself.

The Cubs need a president to take the team in a whole new direction. John could have been that, but, more likely, he was not the right guy. The Cub president needs to be able to hire a GM who will follow the president's vision for an organization that will develop talent. The new owner will want to hand pick that guy. That need to be a career MLB person, not FCB.

McDonough is a pitch man. He's the guy that made going to games at Wrigley more important than winning. That's a good thing for a business, but bad for a serious fan.

At the Hawks, McDonough will be able to use his brand building to rescue a stagnant franchise. Expect young Mr. Kane to get a Popeye's Fried Chicken commercial in short order. Coach Dennis Savard will start showing up in ads for Salad Spinners (try the Savy Spinnerama Salad!).

Good luck, John. You were better in one year than MacPhail in 13, if only because you said "World Series." Thanks, and don't slip on the ice.

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