Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Over at the ever-fun blog, they've been debating the announced move of Ryan Dempster to the starting rotation.

This move is clearly a prelude to trying to trade Dempster.

A team cannot rely on the walk machine that Dempster is to be a closer. That means you have to find another use for him as a pitcher. Mop up men don't get $4 million per year (unless Jim Hendry is the GM and your name is Scott Eyre), so that role is out. Only starter is left.

There is always a need for starting pitching in spring training. Perhaps a Texas or a Kansas City would take a flyer on him. The salary is low enough. The Cubs don't want anything other than salary relief.

The only way Dempster is still a Cub in April is if no one else wants him. And, if not, he'll be back of the bullpen fodder when the season starts.

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