Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Devistator Contest Time

Many of us have complained for a long time that Devin Hester needed a better nickname than that which was attempted to be branded upon him. As some of you may recall, The Eight Year Old came up with an outstanding nickname a few months back, Devin "The Devistator" Hester. It works on several levels.

Well, Robert McCoppin at the Daily Herald agreed that Hester needed a better nickname and decided to hold a contest to come up with one. At the suggestion of on T.J. Brown, "The Devistator" was submitted to Mr. McCoppin's contest.

Yesterday, McCoppin made "The Devistator" a finalist for the title of "Better Nickname than Jeff Joniak Could Think Up." McCoppin is going to tally the votes and declare a winner next week.

Looking at the other finalists, none look better than "The Devistator." It's the only one that fits McCoppin’s criteria of memorable, evocative, and fun to say.

We are therefore requesting of you to send an e-mail to McCoppin at and vote for The Eight Year Old's nomination.

Do it if, for no other reason, than to show that an eight year old is more creative than Jeff Joniak.

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