Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Still Playing Well in Peoria

Ryne Sandberg re-upped to manage the Chiefs for another year. Now, a new owner could throw this plan right out the window, but Ryno sure seems on track to manage the Cubs in 2009 when Lou retires after this season.

Yes, the guess here is that Lou doesn't finish his contract. Two years in Chicago will be enough for him. Hopefully, the purge of attitude and entitlement that he started will be complete.

Other than Dallas Green, Lou Piniella's 2007 was the greatest hire the Tribune made in their tenure of running the Cubs. Fans felt they had an ally in the two of them. Losing pissed them off as much as it pissed us off.

Sandberg seems to be in that mold, too. Seeing him here in 2009 would not be the worst thing.

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