Friday, January 04, 2008

Found Money

More renovations are coming to Wrigley Field:

The Chicago Cubs have received permission to add 70 "bullpen box seats" along the third-base line at Wrigley Field, and install additional signage inside the park.

The city of Chicago on Thursday gave permission for the changes despite the 93-year-old ballpark's landmark status.

Peter Scales of the city's Department of Planning and Development said the changes were approved because "landmark buildings aren't frozen in time, need to be maintained and can be improved while respecting their history.

So, 70 seats at, say, $100 per seat times 81 games is $567,000 per year. The cost to add the seats is minimal and one time. The marginal cost to operate those seats is just about $0.

Nice find. Good work.

And, if this can be done without the government's interference, why have the government involved at all?

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