Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He's Baaaack!!!!

Jon Lieber, the last pitcher to win 20 games for the Cubs, returns to the Cubs for a one year deal of $3.5 million. Chad Fox, he of the detachable elbow that is somehow the fault of Dusty Baker is also back. You know what this means?

Jim Hendry has learned absolutely nothing.

How many times is Jim going to throw the Cubs' money around just hoping to catch lightning in a bottle? Ryan Dempster. Mike Sirotka. Even Mark Prior and Kerry Wood fit this mode.

Lieber may be a nice guy, but he's pitched 246 innings. Over the last TWO years. And 68% of those innings were in 2006.

Why waste time with guys like this? Just think. Instead of all that money wasted on all those guys just hoping that they may pan out and bring a pennant to the Cubs, why not blow it on one guy who is really good? Or reinforcing the concrete in the upper deck of Wrigley Field? Or financing a remake of Ishtar?

One of these days, Jim's either gonna finally get really lucky, or Crane Kenney's going to come into his office with a calculator and add up all that money spent and show Jim that he wastes so much money that he's fit to be a Congressional earmark.

Oh, well. Welcome back, Jon. May you be better than Wade Miller.

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