Friday, January 18, 2008

Live Long And Win Pennants

The Cubs Convention starts tonight and this writer will only get within about 100 yards of the actual paying customers. The taps at Kitty O'Shea's are the limit to which I can handle a mass of fans slobbering over bingo and autograph hunting. And WGN's Sports Central? Isn't that meant to be heard and not seen?

What strikes me as the most bizarre thing about this convention is the schedule. Friday is Sports Central, bingo and autographs. Saturday is meet management and some of the players talk, more Sports Central, and a dance of some sort. Sunday is ask management questions (while plugging your web site) and buy overpriced, un-rare memorabilia.

Isn't this basically the exact same thing as each of the previous years? Isn't there any variety to this?

It seems that what makes sports fun to watch is the uncertainty of the outcome of the game, but the appeal of the Cubs Convention is the absolute certainty of exactly what will happen.

Then again, aren't the Cubs all about the absolute certainty of exactly what will happen? We've been absolutely certain of exactly what will happen for the last 99 years, no?

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