Friday, January 11, 2008

Which Way Rick

Back on Wednesday, Yesterday, Rick Telander was on WSCR defending his column in which he stated that he would not "bet (his) life" that any major league ball player was clean of the taint of steroids. Andre Dawson was cited by Telander as an example of someone who Telender could now never be "life betting certain" was pure. Mike Mulligan then asked Telander about Frank Thomas. "Thomas?" said Telander, "I'd probably give him a pass."


Telander went out of his way in his Sun Times article to specifically use Dawson, a person who has never even been associated with steroids, as an example of someone who he was no longer death-defying certain that was clear of scandal. But a bulky, oft-injured, ex-college football player who played Division I football in the 1980's, the heyday of the collegiate steroid era (an era chronicled by one Mr. Telander via the story of Tommy Chaiken), he "gets a pass"?

Sorry, Rick. According to your criteria for not submitting a ballot, no one gets a pass. To say that Dawson doesn't get a pass because of the era he played in but Thomas does despite the TWO eras he played in is the definition of hypocrisy.

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