Thursday, February 28, 2008

In The News

If Sam Kinneson were at Wrigley...
With the return of spring training baseball, the Chicago Tribune turns to highlighting the voice that brings the Cubs to us over our TV sets.

It's kind of funny. Len Kasper has been with us in Chicago now for going on three years and he still kind of just blends into the scene. He's not larger than life like Harry Caray was, nor is he an icon of Chicago Sports the way Jack Brickhouse was.

Kasper's approach to broadcasting seems to be one of bringing the story of the game to the viewer, but not getting in the way of the visuals. In effect, he blends into the broadcast. That's a tremendous plus over the last guy to have the Cub job.

Kind of explains how he fits in at the Double Door.

Oh, and if Len is bothered by what a high school drop out who used to run a hot dog stand thinks of Len's broadcasting skills, Len needs a much thicker skin.

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