Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Quiet -- Perfectly, Wonderfully Quiet

Spring Training in Mesa, Arizona is underway and there's basically no news coming out of camp.

Well, there is the story of Kosuke Fukudome and how the Cubs plan to make more money off of him (shockingly, this blog will skip this finance story). Also, it seems Matt Murton has been surfing the blogs trying to find out where he could be traded and how his Glenview-based kids will feel about that. And one supposes that the question of who will close for the Cubs is a story (the guess here is that, but July, it's not going to be someone currently in the organization).

But other than that, there's not much more than crickets.

How refreshing.

Since 2002, all there's been is managerial turmoil, President and GM turmoil, Kerry Wood and Mark Prior turmoil.... The list is seemingly endless.

Now, with Lou Piniella in command of the organization, there's nothing but peace. Wood relegated to an inconsequential reserve role, no Prior, no Michael Barrett, no Sammy Sosa, no Dusty Baker, no Andy MacPhail, no Jacque Jones.

All the questions are on the field.

The professional media is going to have to have a lot of puff pieces on player profiles to fill their column inches because the main story with this team is baseball.

Again, how refreshing.

Lou Piniella has made this organization professional. Not a bad gift for the 100th year anniversary of the high point for this franchise.

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