Friday, February 22, 2008

Random Jottings

Milo Hamilton made one of his bi-annual appearences in Fred Mitchell's column. It seems Milo has decided that 20 years is long enough to stop talking about how much he hated Harry Caray.

"That's behind me, and I settled that in my book. I felt it was something I had to say, but I haven't said anything about it since," Hamilton said Tuesday from Houston. "I've had too good of a career to let that all keep going. … I don't even think about it anymore."

Sure. Now that you've published it in a book for all time, why talk about it anymore?

Milo concludes his talk with Mitchell with a hilarious annecdote that is so telling of just how clueless Milo really is:

The revelation that former Astros pitcher Andy Pettitte admitted using HGH and that Roger Clemens has been accused of using the banned substance caught Hamilton by surprise.

"My first reaction is that I can't believe they did it—why in the world did they do it?" Hamilton said. "Pettitte would not have been a guy you would have thought would do it. And Clemens, if you know anything about his background with Nolan Ryan … Nolan was a workout-aholic. That's how his career lasted so long. Clemens grabbed onto everything that Nolan was doing. I have seen Clemens work out. It's unbelievable, the punishment that he put himself through all these years."

Wow. Clemens had an unbelievable work out regimine? How was he EVER able to handle it?
I'm more attractive than Sam FuldWGN willl be showing fewer and fewer games. Basically it's because Gossip Girl is far more profitable than the Cubs are to WGN. No wonder the Cubs are being sold. Blake Lively agrees.
Sam Fuld continues to challenge Felix Pie for the starting job in center field. Lou Piniella is certainly giving the guy some props:

"He's the type of kid who can catch your eye in one day," Piniella said. "But the more you watch him, the more you look at his particular skills, he impresses you. He's an athlete and has really good actions in the outfield, and then he plays a small man's game with the bat, which is what he should do -- hits the ball all over, puts it in play, keeps it on the ground."

What this sounds like is a prod at Felix. Clearly, Pie is the more talented player. But his problems last year with Lou appeared to mostly be off the field.

Perhaps Lou is telling Felix to keep his eye on the prize and not on the off field distractions or you will be back in Des Moines.

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