Saturday, February 09, 2008

Time To Make The Move

With Erik Bedard now a Seattle Mariner, it's time for Jim Hendry to poop or get off the pot.

Brian Roberts would be a marked improvement at the top of the order over Alfonso Soriano and a at second base over Mark DeRosa. He'd enable center field to be maned by Felix Pie's proficient defense and let Pie bat eighth where there would be minimal offensive pressure.

If Jim Hendry wants him, go get him. Now. Either that, or go to the press and say that you are not interested.

Don't let the Orioles dictate the process. You've got five days until pitchers get a chance to use Mark Prior's old towel for warm-ups. You are going to want to give Lou as complete of a roster as possible from day one. This would be a nice change from a year ago when the roster wasn't settled until August.

Get it done of get it over. Either one. Time's nearly up.

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