Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On The Walk

Byron. over at Goatriders, has a man-on-the-street-watching-a-parade encounter with Illinois Governor Rod Balgojevitch. Byron, being well informed, doesn't let the Guv get away with the usual bullshit:

I argued that even if it doesn't cost us taxpayers anything, it's still not right for the state to buy the stadium and the only reason they're planning to do this is to make Sam Zell more money.

And G-Rod replies... and I'm quoting him here. "Well, there is that." Then, covering over his momentary lapse into transparency, G-Rod suggests that if the state doesn't buy Wrigley Field, the Cubs might move away... and we just can't have that.

Don't worry, Byron. The sale is not going to happen. And Blago's next stop is more likely the Graybar Hotel instead of Wrigley Field Owner.

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