Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Same Joke, Still Not Funny

Kerry Wood is hurt again. This time, it's his back. While that is a new injury to him in his pro career, Kerry has claimed in the past that he has had back problems as far back as high school.

So, how long is he going to be out? Lou Piniella says at least three days, four if you count today:

"...we were looking forward to seeing him pitch (Wednesday) and (Thursday). Now we're caught with a trip to Tucson this weekend and we don't want him on the bus, so we'll have to wait until Sunday."

If it weren't so predictable and disappointing, this might actually be funny.

This site doesn't hate Kerry Wood the way the hate ran for Korey Patterson. But this site does hate counting on Wood as a valuable member of the team. Maybe MLB create a taxi squad rule just for Kerry. If he's only going to be available a few days a year, carrying a roster spot for him makes less and less sense.

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