Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The 2008 Baby Bears

The 2008 NFL Draft has been complete for 36 hours. Let's get the names that the Bears picked logged for posterity:

Round  Pick (Overall)    Name             Position  School
1 14(14) Chris Williams OT VANDERBILT
2 13(44) Matt Forte RB TULANE
3 7(70) Earl Bennett WR VANDERBILT
3 27(90) Marcus Harrison DT ARKANSAS
4 21(120) Craig Steltz S LSU
5 7(142) Zack Bowman CB NEBRASKA
5 23(158) Kellen Davis TE MICHIGAN STATE
7 1(208) Ervin Baldwin DE MICHIGAN STATE
7 15(222) Chester Adams OG GEORGIA
7 36(243) Joey LaRocque OLB OREGON STATE
7 40(247) Kirk Barton OT OHIO STATE
7 41(248) Marcus Monk WR ARKANSAS

It's not a big surprise that the Bears didn't pass on a QB given they passed on one last year when the need was even higher. Three offensive linemen drafted tells you where Jerry Angelo thinks the Bears need the most work - and they'd be right.

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