Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Some Disconnect

If you hate those commercials staring John Caponera doing a bad Harry Caray, you aren't alone. Dutchie Caray hates them, too:

"I was gone the whole month of March and I didn't come back until a couple of days ago. ... It made me so sick and disgusted. ... What they did [was] so unprofessional, so jerky. ... I might make an AT&T commercial, wrap myself in telephone wire, ughl-ughl-ughl and act like an idiot dope."

What's surprising about the whole thing is that you would guess that Dutchie has legal control over Harry's likeness. With such rights, any commercial enterprise would have to seek her approval (and pay her) to use Harry's likeness. True, companies are allowed fair use of images (see Larry Flynt vs. Jerry Falwell and Bad Kermit vs. Internet T-Shirts). But this would seem to be a case where AT&T could take more bad press than Caponera's impression is worth.

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