Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often

That's the way to end a bad streak
All Star balloting is underway at Many of you will vote for Cubs. One of those Cubs deserves to start above anyone else in the National League. Sure, a case can be made for any of them. But there is one guy for whom that case is open and shut.

That guy is Geovany Soto.

With his two homers and six RBIs tonight on a game broadcast by ESPN, even the World Wide Leader in Ignoring Everyone West of the Hudson will have to start taking notice.

It's hard to remember this, but Soto's all but a rookie. His defense has been spectacular. His ability to handle the pitching staff has been tremendous, especially his ability to re-center an off-kilter Carlos Zambrano.

Soto's been everything a team could ask of a veteran, much less a rookie.

As good as he's been, who else does the NL offer up on the All Star Ballot? Let's look at the competition:

Brian McCann?
Yadier Molina?
Paul Bako?
Jason Kendall?
Russell Martin?
Bengie Molina?
Josh Bard?

Soto blows them all away. He leads that list in batting average by 36 points. His OPS is better than #2 on that list by over 170 points. He leads the NL catchers in homers, RBIs. He's fourth in throwing out runners, but he allowed the first three runners of the year to steal against him. Since then, he's tied for the best percentage of runners gunned down in the NL.

By every conceivable measure, Soto has been the best catcher in the league.

The Best Crybabies in Baseball will bitch and moan and try to get Yadier or one of his replicants voted in. Let's not allow that to happen. Cub fans will be at Wrigley 40,000 strong some 30 dates between now a the end of June.

Time to get this guy a start in Yankee Stadium on July 15th.

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