Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fall Classic Set

Barack Obama and John McCain are set to face off for the presidency this fall. The question for each of them at this time is, "Who will be your running mate?" I have a guess whose name we will start hearing soon for McCain.

Hillary Clinton.

The way Hillary has run her campaign recently, she's come off more like a Republican than a Democrat. Her disgusting pandering on the gas tax, her 3 AM fear ad, her defense of religion and guns, it's all rather right wing in playbook style. The Weekly Standard noticed this a while back.

So, if she's acting like a Republican, and she clearly despises Obama for beating her at her own game, why not take the final step?

Become John McCain's veep.

It makes perfect sense, especially given the rumors four years ago that McCain could become John Kerry's running mate.

Now, I don't think McCain is stupid enough to defacto re-empower Bill Clinton by giving him access to the West Wing again. Bill would soak up any spotlight focused at McCain and a new president can't play second fiddle to an ex-president. But McCain is going to have a very hard fight on his hands this fall. The economy, war, his age, and even the open senate seats weigh very heavily against his chances to win.

Might he take a chance on a true unity ticket? Probably not.

But that doesn't mean we won't be hearing the rumors soon.

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