Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Physical and the Mental

Chad Fox has elbow problems and Rich Hill has head problems.

This is a recording.

Fox is on the DL after hurting his arm playing catch with Scott Eyre. One supposes that either Fox's elbow gave out for the 47th time or Eyre simply mistook Fox's arm as a turkey drumstick and took a bite.

Rich Hill was also placed on the Iowa 7 day DL. Was this the back injury that cropped up last weekend? Not according to Lou Piniella:

"Probably more of a mental break than anything else, I would assume. It's just my assumption, which might not be bad. That might be the best tonic of all."

Lou was pretty clear that Sean Marshall is the next lefty to be recalled from Iowa. Hill, who has been lousy since August 2007 ended, seems to be on the Donnie Moore path.

In any case, don't expect to see either of these guys in Wrigley Field anytime soon.

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