Friday, June 13, 2008

All Comeback Baseball, All The Time

Let me here you chirp now!Wednesday Night was skybox night at the Schaumburg Flyers game. Dragging Murton's Boys with me and with them each still having school the next day, we bugged out in the 8th inning. The Flyers were down 8-3 in the eighth, but who cared? We'd rented a sky box with 20 other people (OK, work clients - like I'd pay for a sky box out of my own pocket!). The kids were gorged on hot dogs, chips, cake, cookies, popcorn and Sierra Mist. They'd seen Harry Canaray sing the seventh Inning Stretch from the box next to us. Time to head home and have them conscious for school in the morning. All that was missing from a great night was a Flyers win.

They scored 3 int he 8th and 3 more in the 9th and won 9-8.

Same thing yesterday at Wrigley.

Hey, hey, now....Lunch with a friend at Goose Island. Good seats about 15 rows off the field (but far down the right field line). A few beers to make the first sunburn of the year ignorable. The wind ranging from blowing gently out to left to howling out (and how did a game like this end up with only 5 runs scored?). A White Sox fan talking trash in front of us.

Aside: Is this so White Sox fan or what? The guy starts yapping that the Sox lead in first place is bigger than the Cubs' lead. "Give it time," we tell him. His response: "It's a marathon, not a race!"

Anyway, Edmonds goes yard to make it a "Brokeback Throwback" day. You can feel that this will be a win and you can't leave.

Ah, the commitments of school again interfere. Civic duty ahead of extra innings. When Reed Johnson took one for the team and the win, the Kennedy Expressway was in sight.

Maybe you all should pay me to go to games and leave early?

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