Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DHing Nuances

With the Cubs headed to Tampa to play the Devil Rays, Lou Piniella is likely to give soon-to-be All-Star Geovany Soto a day as DH. Well, that's what the papers say. There are doubts here that Lou will actually do that.

See, if Geo is the DH and Henry Blanco (aka Hank White) catches, and Blanco has to leave the game, Geo can enter the game as the catcher. But if that happens, the DH is lost for the rest of the game. The pitcher would have to bat in the spot vacated by Blanco.

Now, the odds of Blanco getting hurt are pretty small and the need to play by NL rules for part of a game is not exactly a daunting task for an NL club.

But why bother? Just give Geo a full day off. Rumors are that Matt Murton is being recalled (to the cheers of Glenview children everywhere). Let Matt DH. He's well suited for the roll.

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