Sunday, June 22, 2008

From Bad to Lazy

At the end of the 8th inning tonight and the Cubs well on their way to a sweep of the first place Chicago White Sox of the AL Central, I found a Sport Radio and headed out for a late night run. I did not listen to the flagship.

It's only fun listening to WGN in rerun. The highlights of Ron Santo not knowing what is going on are priceless. But not if you want to follow the game itself. Instead, I flipped over to WSCR's Two Curmudgeon's: Steve Stone and Ed Farmer.

As the ninth inning started, I was treated to a treatise on how Lou Piniella was mis-managing his bullpen by warming up Scott Eyre, Carlos Marmol, and Kerry Wood, but only using Bob Howry. And using Howry despite only giving him 20 pitches to warm up (Stone countered Farmer's assertion that it was 20 by saying it was 8 pitches, but Stone was trying - badly - to joke that Howry got 8 in the pen and 8 more pitches on the mound).

As Ryan Dempster showed he was gassed, Farmer wondered how many pitches Dempster had thrown. There was a pause, and then he spewed this gem:

"I can't find the pitch count here at Wrigley Field!"

Yo, Ed. Let's be blunt. You suck as a play-by-play announcer. You could be passable as an analyst with a decent lead in the booth. But as a lead, you elevate Justin Guarini to acceptable.

But this? Just because you can't see the ribbon board along the left field line at Wrigley is no excuse for showing your anti-Cub feelings. First, don't you have a spotter in the booth tracking stuff like this for you. And, second, don't you have YOUR OWN SCORECARD?

Not just bad, but a lazy ass. WSCR is about to launch Hot Dog Boy from their lineup. They'd do themselves a favor to have you in the same cab.

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