Friday, June 06, 2008

Hey, Derrek! Go Back To April!

Last year, Derrek Lee looked lost as a player at the plate. He was swinging at pitches he has no business swinging at. He was taking pitches he usually pounded. He didn't look injured, he just looked lost.

Then, 2008 started and it was 2005 for Derrek all over again. With only 105 at bats, Lee posted a 1.151 OPS in April with 8 homers, 18 extra base hits, 23 RBI and 15 walks against 13 strikeouts.

It has gotten ugly since then. In over 140 at bats since he has only 12 extra base hits, 7 walks to 24 strikeouts,and 16 RBI. His average has dropped 90 points, OBP has dropped nearly 110 points and the slugging has been under .400 since May 1.

Lou needs to figure out what this guy needs. He doesn't look injured. He doesn't look lost like he did last year. He just looks bad right now. Whatever is wrong, Lou needs to figure it out. Fast.

This performance, if it continues, cannot be allowed to bat third for much longer.

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