Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Profiles in Chutzpah

Mike and JayGenerally, reading Jay Mariotti is like listening to WSCR in the mornings. Today, you can kind of combine the two. And what Jay does, given what he has just gone through with his own contract is simply jaw dropping:

We only can hope that the end of Mike North is the beginning of decency, professionalism and couth in Chicago sports radio. Oh, some desperate shop might hire him, hoping to capitalize on name recognition at the expense of dignity and wobbling ratings, but so what. This is a day of civic celebration, a chance for sanity and lucidity to reign again in a racket filled with smut.

One only hopes Jay wrote the column with irony. Reality suggests that Jay simply doesn't understand that if you replaced the words "Mike North" with "Jay Mariotti" throughout the column, the column would still work.

Now, Hot Dog Boy's exit from the Chicago air waives is a huge plus for intelligence everywhere. Give that broadcasts of some of his schlock have passed other stars known to have planets, life on those worlds are sure to be celebrating today as well.

But for the messenger to be a guy guilty of the same things he's cheering the demise of?

Which makes more sense?

"It was the best favor North ever has done for his hometown, prompting CBS Radio to yank the contract and leave him without work."


"It was the best favor Mariotti ever has done for his town, prompting Sun-Times News Group to yank the contract and leave him without work.

They both work perfectly. Too bad only 50% is reality.

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