Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Jennifer Morrison gets the Mischa treatment if the Cubs winMaybe Olivia Wilde can pitch for the Cubs. Her "House" charachter certainly has the right name.

You really can't blame Lou Piniella for goign with a thirteen man pitching staff. The offense is clicking and the starting pitching isn't. Going back to last Friday, here's the innings posted by Cubs' starters:

Ted Lilly - 3.0
Ryan Dempster - 5.0
Sean Gallagher - 5.2
Carlos Zambrano - 5.0
Jason Marquis - 5.0

No wonder Lou is going nuts in the dugout. Reading his lips is half the fun of watching a broadcast these days. Last night, leading 9-3, Lou burned through five relievers to hold onto what should have been an easy win.

The Cubs are going to need one more starter capable of going over 6 innings if they want to both survive the season and, more importantly, beat a competitor in a playoff series.

Word came from a conduit to the Not So Secret Source that C.C. Sabathia is on the Cubs wish list. Initial thoughts are that, while CC would be a welcome addition to the Cubs, you have to think that the asking price will include no less than Carlos Marmol.

You also have to think that the Indians look at their division and see only the White Sox and Twins ahead of them. The Indians know they aren't out of this yet.

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